Tanti Auguri a me in Italia  

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The 23 year of my life and I was fortunate enough to celebrate it in Italy. I'm so blessed and grateful for everything that's happened to me. Prior to my special day, March 15, I found myself in a state of melancholy. The fact that I was not at home with my family and friends as per usual made me very homesick. Also, although I know I'm quite young I feel so much older these days. Obviously I am, but my life seems to be going by so fast and that's something I cannot handle. When you are younger you have this idea of where your life is going to be at a certain age and when you aren't there you kind of feel a little lost. Sure, I was fulfilling a major dream of mine to be abroad, but there was still a lot missing. I'm still in school for goodness sake and now I won't graduate until I'm 24. MA DAI! (italian for come on...) Anyway once I got out of my head, and STOPPED thinking so much, I realized that I'm one of the luckiest people in the world being abroad for a birthday. This day will definitely be saved in my memory box forever. 

<3 My roomies for leaving me this
 San Sisto, my favorite caffe in Viterbo, surprised me with a cake. They made me feel so special ^_^

The cake that San Sisto made for me
It was so good 

Dinner with my amazing friends 

I <3 Caitlin she made my day 100 times better

Here's to being 23

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