Sardengna/Sardinia- Adventures in Cala Ganone  

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Our adventure began on the 22 of September 2011 until the 24. We took a night ferry from Civitavecchia to Sardegna, what they didn't tell us was that our so called "ferry" was in fact a luxury cruise ship (to my standards) equipped with all the fixings to keep us entertained for the next 8 hours. We didn't purchase the cabins on our way there, but rather enjoyed deluxe reclining chairs for sleeping. There are no words to express the beauty I saw in Sardegna. The water so clear you could see the bottom of the sea. The people so welcoming and entertaining. The food so particular to this region. And lastly the great friends I shared all of this with. Sardegna is by far one of my favorite places I've been to. 

Ferry Ride to Sardegna 

The clearest water to swim in 
Aw making friends

my feetsies enjoying the Sardegnan sun

Uncle Franco fishing for sea urchins
Lunch Time Snack...Sea Urchins exposed ;p
Natural Beauty

On the way back home, I must say this trip was a success

Touring the Vatican City  

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16 September 2011

My first day trip to Rome and I decided to head to the Vatican City. I was spiritually moved by the magnitude of this great city-state. I enjoyed touring through the museum, where many great sculptures, paintings, and other art works are housed. Besides the Sistine Chapel, I was fond of the remains of the Hercules statue. Once you see the picture you may understand where I'm coming from. This sculpture is very peculiar and the mystery of its origin is what makes me so drawn to it. I hope you like it.

The Vatican City

I walked the streets of the Vatican 
Emperor Augustus, considered to be the first official emperor of the Roman Empire 
Laoco√∂n and His Sons 
The Swiss Gaurd 
Said to be the remains of a Hercules statue (now in the room of the Muses)
the Gallery of Maps
Yeah I saw Michelangelo's Sistene Chapel no big deal ^_^
Oh hello Rome, how you doin'?