Buon Natale: A Real Italian Christmas  

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Buon Natale and a very Merry Christmas

 This was my first Christmas without my family and I found that to be very hard. Luckily I did not spend it alone. In fact, the family from which I am living with invited me to celebrate Christmas Eve dinner with them. They truly made me feel like part of their family and I am thankful for that. They helped me get through the holidays and introduced me to a real Italian Christmas. Although it was different not celebrating the holidays with my family and friends I had a great time and an incredible experience
My first time eating oysters. It's definately and acquired taste lol

Italian dinners are always an extravagant event and Christmas Eve dinner did not fall short of that. Every course played a pivotal part of the overall meal experience, we enjoyed fabulous food, wine, and conversation. La Bella Figura! The term dubbed by Italians describes their undeniable attention to the beauty of life and the celebration of it. The meal begins with an array of seafood for an appetizer (l'antipasto) , followed by a pasta dish (il primo), next we enjoyed a fish entree (il secondo), we finish it off with a traditional Neapolitan desert (i dolci). From the first sip of wine to the last bite of dessert this meal was unforgettable. 

Antipasta: Oysters, Shrimp, and Sardine delicacies 

Primo: Spaghetti con Frutti di mare (Vongole)
Secondo: Russian Salad and Cod Fish 
Dolci: Struffoli 
This Christmas has been nothing short of incredible. My expectations were surpassed by the hospitality of the Italian people around me. I'm grateful for the time I spent with them and memories gained from this special event. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you all are enjoying the holidays around the world.

Buone Feste and Happy Holidays from Viterbo, Italy