Tanti Auguri a me in Italia  

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The 23 year of my life and I was fortunate enough to celebrate it in Italy. I'm so blessed and grateful for everything that's happened to me. Prior to my special day, March 15, I found myself in a state of melancholy. The fact that I was not at home with my family and friends as per usual made me very homesick. Also, although I know I'm quite young I feel so much older these days. Obviously I am, but my life seems to be going by so fast and that's something I cannot handle. When you are younger you have this idea of where your life is going to be at a certain age and when you aren't there you kind of feel a little lost. Sure, I was fulfilling a major dream of mine to be abroad, but there was still a lot missing. I'm still in school for goodness sake and now I won't graduate until I'm 24. MA DAI! (italian for come on...) Anyway once I got out of my head, and STOPPED thinking so much, I realized that I'm one of the luckiest people in the world being abroad for a birthday. This day will definitely be saved in my memory box forever. 

<3 My roomies for leaving me this
 San Sisto, my favorite caffe in Viterbo, surprised me with a cake. They made me feel so special ^_^

The cake that San Sisto made for me
It was so good 

Dinner with my amazing friends 

I <3 Caitlin she made my day 100 times better

Here's to being 23

Carnevale e Martedi Grasso  

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Carnevale 2012 a Venezia 
I can't believe the things I've seen and the places I've been. How did I get to this point in my life where I am checking off pivotal things off my bucket list? Dreams do come true I guess if you set your mind to it. Venice during Carnival was absolutely surreal. Venice on it's own is unreal, but during this yearly extravaganza known as Caranevale this place transforms into a playground full of dreams. Where the mysteriously masked and costume creations go rampant. There was music, food, parades, and crowds galore. Highlights: The traditionally extravagant dressed, buying a real Venetian mask, and the slew of costumes that I saw. 

101 Dalmatians 

Drag Queens Gone Fabulous

On our way to a Masquerade Party
Frenchies equipped w/ barrettes, baguettes, and mustaches 

Martedi Grasso a Caffe San Sisto, A Fat Tuesday Party Like Never Before 

Being Blessed by San Franciscan Monks 

La Mexicana!!!

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