A Transatlantic Adventure  

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By far this has been the most interesting plane rides I have ever been in. Not only because of all the Italian that is buzzing in my ear, but because of the entire package that has been provided throughout this transatlantic voyage. They served wined, dinner and breakfast, provided me with a blanket and pillow, and lastly show two films for my entertainment needs.It was too good to be true though because as soon as we landed in Rome and I saw my bags I was very, very upset. My luggage was BROKEN! >_< I was livid because a wheel had popped off and there were tons of dents in the bag. I was forced to lug it around for a good hour too. I was so exhausted. After having to deal with my broken bag and having to frantically search for USAC I was so over it. I stood around for a good 5 minutes, as sweat was dripping from all areas, I began to wonder if I had made the right choice.I’m still trying to determine if I have because a lot of the kids that are in the program are very peculiar and I have yet to decided if that is a good or bad thing. I guess only time will tell and for now I’m still waiting for that moment when I fall madly in love with this idea of being here and really get to know some interesting people. 

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