Touring the Vatican City  

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16 September 2011

My first day trip to Rome and I decided to head to the Vatican City. I was spiritually moved by the magnitude of this great city-state. I enjoyed touring through the museum, where many great sculptures, paintings, and other art works are housed. Besides the Sistine Chapel, I was fond of the remains of the Hercules statue. Once you see the picture you may understand where I'm coming from. This sculpture is very peculiar and the mystery of its origin is what makes me so drawn to it. I hope you like it.

The Vatican City

I walked the streets of the Vatican 
Emperor Augustus, considered to be the first official emperor of the Roman Empire 
Laoco√∂n and His Sons 
The Swiss Gaurd 
Said to be the remains of a Hercules statue (now in the room of the Muses)
the Gallery of Maps
Yeah I saw Michelangelo's Sistene Chapel no big deal ^_^
Oh hello Rome, how you doin'?

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